1. Booking deposit of 4% incl. VAT of the unit price (already included in the prices listed). This deposit is payable within 3 days after signing the reservation contract and the future purchase contract.
  2. Installment payment of min. 15-20% of the unit price incl. VAT, payable within 14 days after the signing of the Future Purchase Contract.
  3. Installment of 40%-60% of the unit price incl. VAT after completion of the framework construction of the house and at the same time after the entry of the Owner's Declaration into the Land Registry.
  4. The last installment, as a supplementary payment of the purchase price up to 100% incl. VAT within 10 days after the house is approved.

An individual financing model for the client should be consulted and worked out at an informative personal meeting after the selection of a specific unit.